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Hahndorf Creek Skin Care


Melding the line between health conscious and luxury skin care, Hahndorf Creek Skin products are so kind to your body you could literally devour them!


Made exclusively of food grade ingredients, our line is naturopath-formulated using organic plant-derived, all-natural ingredients that you would only find in food or nature... perfect for delicate skin.


Every product at Hahndorf Creek Skin is micro-batch made, using only the purest raw ingredients to deliver the most powerful healing to your skin.


So be inspired and indulge in something exceptional... our luxe range of skin care products are an experience to be savoured every day.


Firming Hydrator


This anti-ageing gem is climate activated, releasing moisture as needed by the skin, as well as banishing pigmentation and evening skin tone... the result is timeless beauty.

Mother-To-Be Moisturiser


A blend of nutrient-rich botanical extracts, essential vitamins and exotic oils, this lustrous hydrator melts immediately into your skin, brightening and awakening the complexion.

Nourishing Cream


This dewy, hydrating facial cream is especially formulated for delicate complexions... so gentle in fact, you could even use it on your baby's precious skin.

Cleansing Milk


A blend of exotic botanicals and enticing scents, this soothing cleanser is gentle enough to apply to delicate or sensitive skin.

Firming Facial Serum


This nutrient-rich brightening and firming serum, lifts and tightens your skin as well as evening your skin tone.

Rose Hip Exfoliator


Transform your complexion to reveal velvety smooth skin with this magical, all-natural, botanic-rich exfoliator.