Hahndorf Creek Health Spa is your own private sanctuary....just for you!

What makes us unique compared to most other facilities is that our Health Spa is exclusively available for your use during your time with us, so you can completely unwind in your own space, and like the butterfly featured in our logo, unfold your wings and emerge refreshed and rejuvenated.



Traditionally the butterfly symbolises rebirth, renewal, regeneration and new life in many ancient cultures. Our lives can be likened to the journey of this beautiful creature through the same type of metamorphosis. So like the cocooned chrysalis emerges transformed, here too with us you may nurture the spirit within and emerge a new you.


As well as being socially conscious, we are environmentally responsible and always looking for ways to improve our green footprint. We use harvested rainwater in the wet areas, solar hot water heating and organically grown teas and refreshments. We feel being a green spa helps us improve our mission to deliver health and wellness to you, so we use only ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients and the purest organic essential oils, clays, herbs, salts, and vegan carrier oils, free from harmful ingredients such as parabens and petrochemicals. So by protecting our precious environment we are protecting you too.



For nearly 20 years, Marianne has helped people in their quest for better health and has trained in a wide variety of complementary therapies, from East to West including Chinese herbal medicine and clinical nutrition and dietetics. She has a Bachelor of Health Science and Naturopathy, Diploma of Western Herbalism, and has qualifications in remedial therapies as well as beauty therapies. She maintains a holistic, integrative approach to assist people to work through their health issues, and believes that balance in life is of most importance.